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Fashion Show Runway

Fashion Ink is the only fashion show event in El Paso designed to serve as a platform for tattoo models and tattooists of diverse ethnicity to showcase their fashion and a wide variety of talent and artistic skill. Fashion Ink was founded in 2012 by Gracie Cain, Creative Director for Emajj PR Firm. She is an El Paso based fashion show event coordinator who had experienced segregation within the tattoo industry and at various fashion shows around town. 

Fashion Ink gives extremely talented tattooists a chance to showcase their skills, affording them the opportunity to expand their network, gain recognition among their peers and to tattoo new body canvases who share the love of tattoo collecting by participating in People’s Choice. People’s Choice is a tattoo business competition hosted right after fashion show, in which businesses creatively airbrush a model with no tattoos to than have the audience vote on their favorite design.

For more information go to Fashion Ink El Paso.